Some of my pieces, specifically jewelry, contain dichroic glass as a design element. In the event you were wondering
    “what is dichroic glass” I thought I would give you a little background.  Dichroic glass is glass, typically clear or
    black, with a thin film of quartz crystal or metal oxides (e.g. copper, silver, titanium, etc.) deposited on its’ surface.
    To create this product metal oxides are heated in a vacuum chamber until they are vaporized and deposited on the
    surface of the glass. The glass is coated multiple times (e.g. 15-45).  The thickness, not more then 35 millionth of an
    inch, contributes to the beautiful colors we see. The coatings act as an optical filter to manipulate light. The colors we
    see are generated when light is reflected from it. You see the transmitted color when looking through the piece and the
    reflected color when holding the piece at an angle. Shifting a piece even slightly changes the color you see. This
    iridescent quality is very difficult to photograph or explain. To fully appreciate its’ beauty you have to see it first
    hand.The name dichroic comes from the root words di for two and chroma meaning color, literally two-color.
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Glass Touch
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What is dichroic glass?